Tree Lightning Protection in the Kansas City Area

Being skilled local arborists in KC, we often get questions about how to protect trees from lightning strikes.  Lightning from thunderstorms could eliminate your beautiful, healthy tree almost instantly.  When you want tree lightning protection to help to reduce the risk of a lightning strike eliminating your tree (or worse!), you can rely on the Hendrickson Tree Care Company to help you.

Lightning Protection for Trees in KC

Thunderstorms in the Midwest are often unpredictable, though a bolt of lightning can kill or severely damage a tree in an instant.  That’s why lightning protection for trees is a service we provide for those clients that want to protect their trees.

Tree Lightning Protection System by Hendrickson Tree Care

See real-life examples for how we apply our lightning protection system to provide lightning protection for trees in the local area.

This Davey Tree Lightning Protection for Trees Video is a good source of information.

Sean Installing Ground Plate to assist in lightning protection for trees

In the image above, Sean is installing a copper ground plate.  This is an option for lightning protection for trees rather than utilizing a ground rod. 

Copper plate in ground used for lightning protection for trees

In the image above, you’ll notice the ground plate is ready to be buried.

Tree Lightning Protection System Example

Look at the example of this lightning protection system used for the sycamore tree.

This is the tip on a lightning protection system for trees.

This is the method used to attach the cable to the trees for the lightning protection system.

This shows a lightning protection system in a sycamore tree.

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