Tree Care Services by Skilled Arborists in the Kansas City Area

Tree care is our specialty, and we have helped numerous customers in the Kansas City area for over two decades!  Caring for trees is a job that requires skills, knowledge and expertise from a skilled local arborist in order to ensure effective safety for the people and plants.    At Hendrickson Tree Care, we know what it takes to ensure efficient service when you’re looking for a name you can trust!

Our Unique Capabilities

Tree Care in KC

Are you looking for a certified local arborist to help you care for your trees?  Kansas City has its own unique challenges to maintaining and caring for trees.  We often get calls from local KC residents that could benefit from tree care services, and we’re here to help!

Please keep in mind, we also provide Plant Health Care and Tree Preservation Services.

Tree Care for Our Urban Forest

We live in the city and trees surround us. We call trees that live in the urban environment the Urban Forest.

Trees need attention just like your car, home, and your body. Trees are living organisms and need cared for in a different manner than your car that is a non living organism.

Here’s a note from the CEO of Hendrickson Tree Care:

You can wreck your car and humans can put the car back just like new. Kill a 100 year old Oak tree and let me see a human being make it come alive. At HTC we look at trees more like a doctor would look at a human being. If a doctor is performing knee surgery on you hopefully he will perform the work to his highest ability and the surgery will be a success. We want to perform the work on your trees with the same integrity. Give us a call and we can discuss how to properly care for your trees.

– Joe Hendrickson

Tree Care Service

We care for the Urban Forest. We understand the importance of trees to our society, to your neighborhood and in your own back yard. Through an ongoing pursuit of knowledge, creativity and excellence in the arboriculture, we provide world class services with honesty and our clients best interest in mind. 

We pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted tree service companies in the area, and we can help you with your residential and commercial tree service needs.  

Residential Tree Service

When you’re looking for residential tree care, you can trust the name Hendrickson Tree Care!  Whether it’s residential tree trimming or residential tree removal, the certified arborists at HTC can help you with the job!

Commercial Tree Service

For enterprises, you can trust our team of qualified professionals to help you with your tree service needs.  Commercial tree care and commercial tree removal will be executed flawlessly by our certified team of arborists!

Tree Service Area

Our company provides tree care service for local residents, and we serve the following areas in the Greater Kansas City Area:

  • Douglas County, KS
  • Johnson County, KS
  • Miami County, KS
  • Cass County, MO
  • Jackson County, MO

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