Plant Health Care by Certified Arborists in the Kansas City Area

As certified arborists in Kansas City, we come across a variety of situations where customers in the KC area require guidance to help ensure the health of their plants remain stable.  That’s why provide local residents with plant care services so we can diagnose plant diseases before they become a problem, and maintain a healthy and vital urban forest in our community.

Much like a person, if a tree is to remain healthy as time goes by, it must have a health care program in place to protect it from the hardships of life in a constantly changing environment.  At Hendrickson Tree Care Company, we will help to ensure your plants remain healthy for the years to come!

Our Unique Capabilities

Plant Care Company in KC

When you’re searching for a local company to help you improve the health for your plants, you can rely on the certified arborists at HTC to help you!  In Kansas City, there are many considerations for ensuring the proper health for your plants.  Plant care service is actually one of our most requested services in the area!

Please keep in mind, we also provide  Tree Care Service and Tree Preservation Service, too.

Plant Health

Plant health is vitally important for a thriving urban environment, in which, we’ve coined the Urban Forest.  In the Urban Forest, especially in the Kansas City area, we are surrounded by numerous species of plants, and each type of plant has it’s own health needs.  We help local residents to ensure the plants on their property are always in a healthy state in order to persevere through the changing seasons, and remain healthy within the environment.

To learn about the specific plant health challenges in the local area, see our special offerings by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Plant Care Service

At Hendrickson Tree Care, we often consider ourselves a plant care company because there are so many requests to care for trees and other plants on our customers’ property.  Plant care services can come in many forms, and there are multiple ways we can work together.

From plant disease diagnosis to improving the general plant health for plants on your property, we can help you.  

Plant Care Service Area

Our company provides plant care service for local residents, and we serve the following areas in the Greater Kansas City Area:

  • Douglas County, KS
  • Johnson County, KS
  • Miami County, KS
  • Cass County, MO
  • Jackson County, MO

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