log table is one of the urban forest products

Urban Forest Products

Urban Forest Products was formed out of appreciation of our natural environment and the thought that we should not be using our urban logs as just firewood. There had to be a higher value for these trees that have been growing in the Urban Forest for 25 to 200 years.

The CEO of Hendrickson Tree Care explains:

So I bought my first sawmill in the late ’90s. Working with these logs was one of my  passions and  I only was able to saw logs on a part time basis.  Later in time, I ended up hiring a sawyer. He worked as an arborist half the time and the other time he would saw logs. 

As a visual artist we would look at each log and determine what we felt should be cut from the log that would generate the highest aesthetic value.  

We developed a wood shop at our office so that we would have the tools to work on the wood and develop products as requests came in.  At the present time we have inventory in stock of artistic slabs that can be used for projects. We have other woodworkers in the city that can build your project.  We also have other partners in the industry and if we do not have what you are looking for, they may. 

This is just a simple project and makes a nice piece to set things on in our kitchen. For example, the remote control for our lighting system is always where we can find it.

What was interesting on this piece was that it came from a large Riverbirch tree.  The tree died and had huge amounts of borer damage that made a very unusual look just under the bark.  This picture does not do this piece justice, though it is an unusual piece.

The urban forest product line has grown substantially over the past decades, and many of the products are on display at the HTC office.  To learn about our current offering, please reach out and contact us today!