Stump Removal in the Greater Kansas City Area

Tree stumps can be an eyesore, and produce unintentional hazards on your property.  At Hendrickson Tree Care, we have the stump grinder equipment and team to help you remove those stumps from your property.  We are known for care and attention to detail when removing stumps from your yard, and stump removal is actually one of our most popular tree services that we offer.

Tree Stump Removal – Get Rid Of That Ugly Stump

When you’re considering to remove tree stumps from your property, it’s important to consider the facts about stump removal.  Being local arborists in the area, we know of all the different types of situations that can occur when removing stumps.  We have invested in the right equipment and the right team training in order to effectively remove the tree stumps from your yard and ensure that damage is mitigated or eliminated altogether. 

Facts on Stump Removal

Stump Removal machine

We regularly dig stumps for several reasons after a tree has been removed:

  • Aesthetics – Removing the stump allows new grass or small plants to be added in the same spot the stump would otherwise be seen and improves the beauty of the space.
  • Safety – Stumps can cause a hazard if left in a high traffic area and are not ground level. 
  • Construction – If building or construction is being done over the site, it’s important the stump doesn’t impede the process.

When requesting a stump to be removed, we need to be sure there aren’t any electrical, communication wires and/or gas lines nearby. Sprinkler systems or an electrical underground fence for pets can also be an issue.

If you have information regarding these, pass that along to the Arborist helping with the service. Often, we must call in locates for this service to protect ourselves and our clients.

Tree Stump Removal Service

At Hendrickson Tree Care, we can help you removal a stump of any size.  We have, both, small grinders and large grinders for larger tree stumps.  Maneuvering in-and-out of tight spots (such as a fenced-in backyard) isn’t a problem for us.  We can remove tree stumps and provide stump grinding service practically anywhere there are located on your property.

Stump Grinding Service

There are four ways we can leave a stump after doing the grinding:

  1. Leave the mess with no clean up
  2. Rake the chips into a single pile on top of the stump
  3. Clean up the chips and leave chips in the hole and level
  4. Clean up the chips and leave the hole dished out ready for topsoil

On average, stumps are only dug approximately 6-8 inches below grade.  This means that it’s not advisable to add a large tree or plant directly over the removed stump.  If you must put a tree in the same spot, please let us know because this will require a much deeper and more involved removal process.

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