Growth Regulators and Tree Care Products Applied by Arborists in the Kansas City Area

With plant healthcare being one of our main focuses at Hendrickson Tree Care, we can help you ensure the healthy growth of your trees with the growth regulators we apply.  Growth regulators are a type of tree care product that needs to be applied to your tree by a certified local arborist.  We can help you as we provide these growth regulators so that your tree grows in a way that will become a long-lasting asset for your property.

Save Your Tree in KC

To protect the urban forest, and promote positive growth, you need to be aware of some tree care products on the market that will help save your tree.  There are factors to be aware of when it comes to saving your tree, and depending on the type of tree, different products and procedures need to be enacted.  By speaking with an arborist about these matters, you can rest assured that your tree will get the best treatment available to promote healthy growth.

Tree Care Products

This is a product we inject into the soil that slows the top growth of trees and shrubs. By reducing top growth we are redirecting energy to defense mechanism, root growth. There are many uses for growth regulators today in the urban forest.

Benefits for the tree care products we use:

  • Increases the life of the trees (especially in stressful conditions)
  • The fine root density is increased
  • Improves resistance in drought and heat conditions
  • Decreases the risk of disease in the plants
  • The effects of urban tree stress is significantly reduced

The tree care products we use helps us to slow the growth of the tree.  With the growth regulators, you might notice some differences in the color of the tree leaves along with other noticeable differences from the tree care products that we utilize.