All Reviews for Hendrickson Tree Care Services

Great Job Great Service!

Love the job you guys did.
- Scott Walz

100 Overall Satisfaction

Everything was done as promised. Very impressed with the clean-up too.
- Buzz Taylor

Perfect Scores

Completed on schedule with great quality of work.
- Sandy Mayer

Very Helpful

Joe was very helpful with his expertise and straight forward with schedule and suggestions.
- Nima Moaveni

Respected Privacy

They did a great job, took issues such as privacy into account and were very open to our desires. Thanks!
- Sarah Donley

Repeat Customer

Please put us on your schedule for next July.
- George Warmuth

Nice Crew

Very nice crew, enjoyed having them here and talking to them about my trees. Thank you!
- Kate Corwin

Done on schedule

Good work, done on schedule for agreed upon price.
- Stephen Reinbold


Joe you always do a good job.
- Kay Beatty

Trees Look Great

Trees Look great after pruning!
- Tom Krizmanic

Customer Referral

Referred Customer with a 5-Star rating.
- Barry Festoff

Thanks to the Crew

The Crew that came to trim my two large pinoaks did a fantastic job. They seem to enjoy their work, were very careful not to drop limbs on my many plants and flowers and cleaned-up everything, including what had to come down in my neighbors yard. Thanks to George, Raul and Matt for your hard work and professionalism. Also, I enjoyed Raul's whistles--he's definitely got some bird blood in him the way he likes to climb and literally hang from the branches while he works. I highly recommend them for any major tree trimming. I have always used them on the four large trees in my small city yard.
- Jeanette Boeh

Fast Service

Fast Response. Called on Monday, job completed on Wednesday... Way to go Joe. 4.5 Star Rating.
- Fred Oram

Geat service. Miss the tree.

Satisfied from them previously trimming a tree for me, I called them to remove a tree. Their bid was very competitive. The crew answered all of my questions and did a very good job removing the tree, grinding the stump, and cleaning up. I'll definitely consider them the next time I need tree care.
- P Daniel

Professional and Courteous Crew

Work was completed on schedule, crew was professional and we'll definately have you work for us again. We give a 5 star rating!
- Kathy R.

Very pleased with quality and care

I was very pleased with the quality and care of the work done by your crew particularly on my old oaks! I will be happy to use your services in the future and recommend you to others. Thank you.
- Kathleen H

Excellent work

Thank you for the recommendations on how to trim the river birches. The crew you sent were pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable. Everything was done as promised - excellent work!
- Jan Busdiecker

You've made two women happy!

Thank you for removing the Sweet Gum tree! Everyone seemed to know what his part was and just when and how it was to be done, and when to step in to help his co-worker. That was a pleasure to watch..... I'm sure the next owners will be happy too! So thank you on their behalf as well!
- Mrs. Stewart

Great Job!

Very thorough, once scheduled, communicated with me until the job was complete. Explained some damage that was not a problem and appreciated the honesty and be upfront about it. Considering all the landscaping, irrigation and house and very difficult location of the tree that needed to be removed I was impressed how well the job went.
- Ted W

Consistently Good Work!

Hendrickson continues to do quality work on a timely basis. On the one occasion over several years of service when I was not entirely satisfied, they corrected the situation quickly with no complaint at no additional cost.
- Mike S

Property Manager

Excellent work and service. Oak Hall has used Hendrickson Tree Care for over 20 years and our grounds are amazing!
- Patty McIntosh

Good job

I was very pleased with the recent work that was done to my large oak. The work was done fast and they did a good cleaning up afterwards.
- Kyan Hammerbacher

Leave it to the pros!

The Hendrickson team headed by George did an excellent job of working on two very large trees in out backyard, avoiding power lines, fences, other trees and obstacles and moving all the patio furniture and plants as a precautionary measure. They had top notch equipment and worked as a team to do the job. This is not the kind of job to leave to non-pros. They have been here in the past and I will continue to use them in the future.
- Carol Montemore

Outstanding tree service

We highly recommend Hendrickson Tree Care! We have used them for several years to maintain our maturing trees. When you put so much into your home and yard, it's good to know someone else cares about your property just as much. Joe and his staff really care about their client's trees. They also do an awesome job caring for your property and cleaning up after themselves. Terry & Bev C
- Bev Carlton

Oak tree & assorted pruning

I had Sebastian Paris give me a bid on trimming up a big oak tree on the property. The estimate was reasonable. He sent a crew out within a couple weeks and they did a beautiful job of pruning and a great job of clean up afterwards. There is still wome work to be done, but they have scheduled it with me and I am sure they will do a great job of trimming and clean up. I would highly recommend this company. George and his crew did a bang up job.
- Logan R Woolley

Professional Job

The Hendrickson Crew arrived ready to go with the right equipment and knowledgable people. We have a large yard with numerous trees. We've called on them numerous times over the past decade and have never been disappointed. Richard L.
- Richard Lashbrook

Fantastic work!

Joe and his team are amazing! Super professional and knowledgeable the end product always looks great. I've used them for the last five years and everything they have done for me has not only highly satisfied me but has my neighbors asking about him for their yards!
- Kenneth Howard

Great Work

Could not be happier with the work done for us. Crew was friendly, polite and totally professional. Cleanup was immaculate. We highly recommend these people.
- Ron Geldhof

Excellent Service!

I was delighted at the level of service and expertise. The clean-up was very thorough and the crew was very friendly. Overall, I would whole-heartedly recommend Hendrickson to anyone if need of tree care!
- Dan Hogan

Rode to my Rescue

We had the misfortune of losing a 55' white pine to wind. Called the office next morning, Saturday when it was closed, but caught someone in. An hour later Joe showed up and his crew was on the job an hour after that. Fallen tree was removed the same day and the stump 5 days later. All work excellent by helpful, friendly crews. Much thanks for getting our back yard back together again.
- Harlan Burkhead


Thanks, again, for the prompt and efficient work! Does Joe plan on coming back to scope out the elm tree that is near the neighbor's power line? Great Job!! Marsha Kurth
- Marsha Kurth

Outstanding work

Joe and team are great. Good advice on what really needs to be done and very professional. Cleaned up the site like they were never here.
- Lee Major

Excellent Work

Sebastian provided outstanding information and assistance related to our recent tree trimming/repair. The crew was helpful and did an excellent job taking care of our trees.
- Jason D

Always Consistent

Hendrickson has been doing tree trimming and removal for me at two differnet homes for the past 10 years. They are always prompt, courteous and do a great job. I refer them to anyone I know who needs tree work.
- Drue Thomas

The ONLY Arborists to Trust!

I had a couple other companies give me a quote too and they never mentioned that I would be putting my oaks at risk if I had them trimmed during the summer months. Either the other guys didn't know or they just wanted my money ASAP. Either way, I appreciate Hendrickson's professionalism. It makes me feel more secure to know they are ISA certified.
- Alyssa Housh

Tree Removal Service

Once again, Joe and the Hendrickson Tree Care Company have done a perfect job for my clients. Both trees were removed with care of property and surroundings. The job was completed on time on the day promised! Thank you again, Joe! DP Hudacek
- Debra Hudacek

Great Job

Joe and his team are amazing! Super professional and knowledgeable. This is my first year of their service and we are happy they have done a nice job taking caring all the trees. Thanks Joe again :)
- mohammad bhuiyan

Tree service

We are so pleased with the work but also all of the. Folks involved with Hendrickson are professional and friendly. Thank you.
- Charlotte and gene sands



Outstanding Experience,Service & Team!!!

We were very pleased with the professional team and our experience! From the first consultation with Arborist Sebastian Paris, we knew we were in good hands. He's the perfect blend of a highly knowledgeable professional and one who is able to explain things well to the average person in a sensitive and open manner. He exudes not only care for tress but care for the community in which they grow. As the first person on site to represent the company, he does an outstanding job. Our job required two teams on two different days and the use of the Bluelift. Derek, Evan, Camo, Rory, Matt and Josh were equally outstanding. They operated with care on our property, adhered to safety protocols, communicated well, were flexible with last-minute adjustments, trimmed the trees responsibly and ensured both our property and our neighbor's property were cleaned thoroughly when done. Its obvious the know what they are doing and have great internal training. This company has got it right! You won't be disappointed.
- Bruce H. & Matt W.

Good work, good price!

We had 2 stumps removed. The price was reasonable, and the team showed up as we had discussed. Thanks!
- Sarah Bromert

Salesman was responsive and helpful

We thought Sebastian gave us good advice about trimming our trees. He listened to our concerns and was very responsive.
- David Cicha

Our trees look great

We have approximately 57 trees on 2 acres. Every year or every other year we have used Hendrickson service to take out dead wood and thin out crowded branches. On occasion we opted to have a tree removed. Call us lucky, but back in time when KC had a serious ice storm our tree branches did not crack off or damage our house like many homeowners experienced in our neighborhood. Our trees had been pruned and thinned out a month before the storm. Most of our trees are about 30-35 years old, so they are giant. We have such a variety that they need individual care. So besides tree trimming, we use Hendrickson on an annual basis for tree health monitoring and treating only the trees that are suffering from some problem. We stopped using another tree service that broadsprayed chemicals all over the yard to kill ever bug. We now have a healthy ecosystem in our yard. Healthy for man and beast.
- Mary Smith

The Hendrickson Tree Crew

Your crew was very professional. Very careful and thorough. Did really more than we expected. Cleaned up perfectly. We just liked them very much !! m
- Michael

Prompt Service!

After a storm, you came to the rescue and removed a huge limb from our driveway the following day. Great, prompt service. Our tree company for life!
- Steve Gorny

Home owner

Hendrickson tree care has been protecting and saving trees for us at 2 homes for over 17 years. It is one of the most conscientious and professional companies I've had the opportunity to do business. Their people are extremely knowledgeable & professional and not only do they perform superior work; but also make certain that safety and cleanliness are a priority. I would recommend Hendrickson Tree Care to anyone who cares about their trees.
- John Jacobson

Wonderful work

We had Joe come out and bid tree trimming and taking down a tree. His team delivered exactly what was promised and within budget. Joe was able to advise us on what needed to be done and was fair and honest. Thank you!
- Dawn Hardy


From beginning to the end this company was the best tree service we’ve ever used! They will always get our business and I’m very happy recommending them. Great crew!
- William harsh

Great Service

The crew did a great job with my tree service! Their clean up after was impeccable!
- Sara

Fantastic Service

We have used Hendrickson Tree Care at 2 homes over 20 years. They are extremely professional & extremely dependable & knowledgeable . If you are searching for the absolute best tree care organization- I strongly recommend Hendrickson Tree Care.

Couldn't be happier

Two huge elm trees in the back corner of our lot, 150 ft.behind the house. Hendrickson laid plywood all the way back to the trees and disected them without damage to any of the surrounding trees or fences. Protected our lawn from damage in removal of the debris. By far the most professional work we've had done in our 37 years of living in old Leawood. Thanks so much. We couldn't be happier!
- John Keen


Excellent response to getting ahead of our bagworm infestation, spraying all evergreens and other bushes that needed attention from insects. Signed up for their "protection plan" immediately. So glad to know we have an arborist that knows their plants and how to treat them. Great pricing. Thank you all!
- Mindy Roeske

Professional and Knowledgable

Billie is the best! She evaluated the health of 3 ash trees and negotiated a perfect time to treat them. Thanks Billie!
- Judith Eickhoff

Great Tree Work Done Everytime

Tree service is also done perfectly to make sure are Oak tree gets the proper amount of Iron put into the base of the tree to make sure the leaves stay very green for a couple of years because the soil doesn't have the correct amount of iron for the tree. John Loudon
- John Loudon

Excellent tree service

They were recommended by a coworker who thought they were more knowledgeable than other tree services. We have used them for a variety of different projects, and have been very pleased
- Greg Curry


From the time Billie came out to give an estimate until the last twig was cleaned up we have been happy with Hendrickson. They are very professional and nice to work with. - Janice
- Janice M Busdiecker

TLC Arborists

Joe and his "crew" CARED about the health and the beauty of my trees. In other words, my trees still had lovely shapes after being pruned but they were ready to survive the Midwest ice storms without any significant damage. About 20 years ago, I contacted Hendrickson Tree after two of my trees got very sick. They were able to treat the one and completely save it and they worked a miracle on the other one and after a few years, it was restored to be a beautiful, healthy tree again. The best words to describe this company are professional, dependable, caring arborists.
- Sandy Palmer

Outstanding Professional Service!

I have worked with Joe and his team for the past fourteen years. They not only provide prompt service in the event of an emergency, but they also provide unsurpassed proactive service. With over two-hundred trees on our property it requires a professional keen eye to recognize issues before they become issues, that's what Hendrickson provides. I have worked with other "Tree Guys" and that's just what they are, "Tree Guys." Hendrickson's are professionals that know what they are talking about and what they are doing. Joe only hires the top professionals in the business. I would highly recommend hem for one tree or thousands. These people know their stuff.
- Patrick Humphrey


We felt great relief knowing that our trees were in great hands. The trees were trimmed perfectly and the large tree removal was done with care and debris was cleared completely. Have recommended Hendricksons to my son and my daughter.
- Suzanne Black

Incredibly Fast Response

When other Arborists in the area delayed and delayed and failed to respond to my attempts at contacting them, Hendrickson not only responded almost immediately, they were out to the property taking care of my vulnerable Ash Tree within 2 days! Highly recommended!
- Brian Hambrick

Great service

Joe and his team are very reliable. He reaches out every 3 yrars to male sure our oaks are on schedule. Great communication and always timely. The guys take the time to explain what they are going to do before they start. Its amazing how great the trees look when they are complete. Clean up is also paramount and they crush it. I never hesitate to share Joe's contact info.
- Kevin Doll

Great service

Joe and his team are very reliable. He reaches out every 3 yrars to male sure our oaks are on schedule. Great communication and always timely. The guys take the time to explain what they are going to do before they start. Its amazing how great the trees look when they are complete. Clean up is also paramount and they crush it. I never hesitate to share Joe's contact info.
- Kevin Doll

Great Job!

Removed a tree with care from our yard and the end result is you wouldn't know it had ever been there to begin with. Thanks to Joe and his Team.
- David

Professional Work

We have relief on Joe and his team for more than 20 years to care for and maintain our 100 year old sugar maple. His expertise has enabled the tree to thrive through ice storms and other weather related problems. Hired because at the time one of the few arborists in KC. We will continue to rely on them for all future needs.
- Dennis Varble

Hendrickson saved my trees

Over the past few years I've been using Hendrickson Tree Care to spray for a fungal disease that had more or less defoliated my trees. This year HTC also pruned these trees opening them up to more light and air. They're healthy now and their appearance is greatly improved. It's good to be able to wholeheartedly recommend a company. This one knows what they're doing and gives professional, efficient, and friendly service.
- S. Blackman

Great Service

Storm toppled a tree in our front and blocked the street. Joes guys came the next morning and evrything was cleaned up by 9:30am. Thanks
- Ted W

Monster stump grind

Fast Professional service at a competitive price. They did a great job removing a monster stump!
- Dale Tiede