What’s Made From Trees?

You might be wondering, “What’s made from Trees?”  Look around, almost everything is made of wood in one form or another.  It may astonish you!  From Rolling Pins to Space Craft Reentry Shields; trees are something to behold. We can’t list them all – but here’s to making a dent in the list.

Trees supply us with over 5000 products  

What's made from trees? You may be astounded!

We see products made from trees in every aspect of our lives.

  Without Trees, life would be dismal, almost impossible and certainly unimaginable.  Grown from nature, wood is environmentally safe, biodegradable, strong, flexible, renewable and produces over 5000 products. 

By the time a tree is cut into logs and reaches the mill, there is virtually zero waste.  Zero.  This is because forest product companies are incredibly efficient, using sawdust and other wood waste to furnish as much as 75% of their energy needs. By the time a tree is cut into logs and reaches the mill, there is virtually zero waste.  Zero. 

This is because forest product companies are incredibly efficient, using sawdust and other wood waste to furnish as much as 75% of their energy needs.  


So, What’s Made from Trees?

BIO ENERGY:  Charcoal, Biofuel, Firewood, Gasification, Pellets, Biomass, 

COSMETICS, MEDICINAL:  Toothpaste, Soap,  Makeup, Nail Polish, Hair Dye, Antiseptics, Expectorants, Stimulants, Vitamins, Herbal Supplements, Sponges, Disposable Medical Clothing, Diapers, Artificial Kidney Membranes, Absorbent Waddings

EVERYDAY LIFE:  Cars, Tires, Art, Furniture, Lighting, Shoes,  Shoes, Polish, Rubber Gloves,  Jewelry,  Smoking Pipes, Pet food,  Fish,  Paint, Ink, , Adhesives, Turpentine, Solvents, Shoe Polish, Foam Rubber, Alcohol, Beer, Wine, Incense Sticks, Matches, Shatterproof Glass, Bird Houses, Toilet Seats, Luggage, Tools,  Pencils, Rayon Clothing, Blankets

EXPLOLSIVES & FLAMABLES:  Rocket Propellant, Fireworks, Acetone, Explosive Cordite, Charcoal, Activated Carbon, Black Powder Explosives

FARMING:  Barns, Bee Hives, Feed & Animal Bins, Fencing, Green  Houses, Livestock & Poultry feed, Cattle & Sheep Dip, Insecticide Sprays

FOOD & BEVERAGE:  Jams, Jellies, Oils, Seasonings, Candy, Vinegar, Teas, Extracts, Wines, Alcohol, Fruits, Nuts, Syrups

KITCHEN:  Cutting Boards, Chopsticks, Bowls, Baskets, Spoons, Tongs, Countertops, Thickeners, Rolling Pins, Wax Paper, Coffee Filters, Sausage Casings, Food Grade Thickeners, Grocery Bags, Paper Cups & Plates, Egg Cartons, Corks

MANUFACTURING:  Construction Helmets, Fuel, Iron Smelting, Case Hardening Compounds, Producer Gas, Water Purification, Railroad Ties, Tar Oil , Gasoline, Paints & Stains, Preservatives, Solvents Oils, Creosote Oils, Disinfectants, Wood Preservatives

MARINE:  Canoes, Motor Boats, Naval Craft, Sail Boats, Floatation compounds & Oils, Waterproofing, Fishing Poles

MUSIC:  Guitars ( electric, acoustic, bass, classical), Violins, Harps, Sitars, Banjo, Dulcimer, Zither, Viola, Lyre, Mandolin, Oud, Rainstick, Didgeridoo, Drums, Drumsticks, Piano’s, Tambourine, Castanets, Blues Harp (Harmonica), Recorders, Flutes, Xylophone

PAPER AND PULP PRODUCTS:  Paper Towels, Wrapping, Paper, Filler, Varnishes, Toothpaste, Books, Newsprint, Toilet Paper, Bond Paper, Cardboard, Cement Sacks, Bags, Coffee Filters, Paper Towel’s

RECREATIONAL:  Crayons, Surf Boards, Snowboards, Bicycles, Kayaks, Skates, Bowling Balls and Pins, Sports & Recreational Helmets, Ski Poles, Baseballs & Bats, Chessboards, Chinese Checker Boards, Puzzles, Cribbage Board, Dominoes, Jenga. Ping Pong Tables and Balls, Movies, Hockey Sticks, Kites, Golf Tees, Dart Boards

You ='d be surprised what's made from trees!

What’s Made from Trees?

TEXTILES:  Clothing, Underwear, Socks, Bullet Proof Clothing, Blankets, Towels, Sheets, Mattresses

WOOD PRODUCTS:  Particle Board, Mat Board, Corrugated Roofing Sheets, Insulation, Flooring, Molding, Beans, Veneers, Laminates, Poles, Cork, Mulch, Soil Conditioners, Reinforced Cement Blocks, Bio-plastics, Composites

And just in case, your curiosity is piqued, here are a few more to check out: Airplane Fuselage’ & Propellers, Artificial Kidney Membranes, Blood Pressure Medicine, Chocolate, Cocoa, Carob, Moth Repellent, Chewing Gum, Cinnamon, Quinine, Clothing, Clothing, Coffee, Cola Drinks, Dyes, All your favorite Fruits, Glycerin, Gin, Herbs, Maple Syrup, Seasonings, Woods for Smoking Meats and Fish.  The many reasons to care for our beloved trees becomes increasingly more important as time goes by.  We continue to find increasingly green and sustainable ways to survive in this world with less impact to Mother Earth. Who knows what future inventors will create using the natural  resources available to us now.  Take care of every tree you have – remember, their loss is our loss.