Career Opportunities with Hendrickson Tree Care Company

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The tree care industry is full of passion because it is very rewarding though also a very difficult job. If you do not have passion for trees you will not last as an Arborist.  As Industrial Athletes, working with trees will keep you in shape and allows one to step outside of the normal boundaries of most jobs. Trees are the largest living landscape we have, and their impact on society is truly mind blowing.

Can you imagine living in Kansas City without trees? We all take trees for granted. Caring for trees is an honorable profession and with Arboriculture B-72 Spider Lift smallskills you can almost travel most anywhere in the world and gain employment.

There are many skills levels a person will learn in the field of arboriculture. From simple knot tying, to complex rigging situations, inflating a tire, to learning to run complex machines that allow us to do  our job more safely and with less energy. This is a life long, never ending expansion of learning and expanding general tree knowledge.

A note from Joe Hendrickson for aspiring arborists:

Our tag line,  “We Care For The Urban Forest”, says it all. If caring for the Urban Forest is something you would like to do, please contact us.  Send us your resume. Tell us why you believe the field of Arboriculture is right for you.

Maybe you have already been in the green industry and are just looking for a new place to call home. It all starts with action: ­ an email, phone call or personal introduction.

–  Joe Hendrickson Founder of Hendrickson Tree Care ­1985