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Arborist Joe is a Certified Arborist with over 40 years in Arboriculture.

When is it OK to Cut Down a Healthy Tree (and not feel guilty)?

When is it OK to Cut Down a Tree (and not feel guilty)? It’s not always so popular among tree lovers, but sometimes even perfectly healthy trees need to be removed.  The reasons are varied; sometimes from necessity and others out of preference but come down, they do – so best be informed beforehand.  Which leads to […] Read More »

What's Made From Trees?

Trees supply us with over 5000 products     Without Trees, life would be dismal, almost impossible and certainly unimaginable.  Grown from nature, wood is environmentally safe, biodegradable, strong, flexible, renewable and produces over 5000 products.  By the time a tree is cut into logs and reaches the mill, there is virtually zero waste.  Zero.  This […] Read More »

Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer, How to Identify and How to Handle?  Our current Emerald Ash Borer situation in the Greater Kansas City area requires quick action: This insect at the present time only affects ash trees. If you have an ash tree you should continue reading and contact your arborist to come discuss options. If you […] Read More »

A Legacy of Johnny Appleseed

A Legacy of Johnny Appleseed Everyone’s heard of Johnny Appleseed; the guy that traversed the Midwest in sun, rain, sleet & snow spreading apple seeds wherever he went.  The stories of his attire are true enough.  Johnny wore a cape made of coffee bean sacks with holes cut for his arms and head, the occasional tin […] Read More »

Honeybee Decline

 Honeybee Decline Honeybees are stressed They likely have been since they were imported here from Europe in the 1800’s.  Maybe they were stressed since captured for various use by Egyptians.  After all, they’ve been introduced into alien environments for centuries.  Most species adapt over time, but an environment that changes too quickly becomes hostile.  The Honeybee […] Read More »