An integral part of a plant health care program for your trees and shrubs is proper nutrition. One of the best returns for money spent on tree care is proper fertilization. Plants with good vigor are better able to withstand the numerous detrimental effects of weather, insect activity, disease activity and changes in their immediate growing environment.

The professional grade fertilizer products we use in our programs contain two forms of nitrogen, micro-nutrients and minerals. When applied, fertilizer can provide immediate benefit and remain in the soil for 8-12 months.

You may ask, "Do my trees really need to be fertilized?" Criteria to help you determine if your trees and shrubs need fertilization are listed below:

  • Trees or shrubs before/after construction activity.
  • Trees or shrubs that you feel are valuable to your property.
  • Trees or shrubs that have been planted in the last few years.
  • Trees or shrubs that have lost their vigor or are in poor health.

If you answered "yes" to any of the statements above, it may prove worthwhile to acquire the expertise of an Arborist. Together, you can make the appropriate decisions regarding the health and longevity of your trees.

Growth Regulators

This is a product we inject into the soil that slows the top growth of trees and shrubs. By reducing top growth, we are redirecting energy to defense mechanism, root growth. There are many uses for growth regulators today in the urban forest.